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The smiles on the faces of all our Clients and Customers tell the real story of why you need to select us for all of your Jewelry needs. Our goal is to make you very happy with whatever transaction you do with us, We will do whatever it takes to make you a happy, satisfied, special customer of ours. We promise to give you the best service and value for your money and to always treat you with respect and dignity!

Old Mine Jewelry is a San Antonio, Texas, sole owned business that specializes in the manufacture and sale of custom-made fine jewelry.The now famous, highly-gifted and talented originator of Old Mine Jewelry, Oscar Garcia, has been in his trade and profession for over 40 years now. At first remaining hidden from the public as an outsourcer of his talent to some of the most well-known jewelers in the trade, and lastly, establishing his own reputation with the public in 1991, with the opening of Old Mine Jewelry in that year. Oscar Garcia is truly an exceptional man of excellence and talent. His experience in designing, creating and manufacturing  truly unique, exquisite pieces of jewelry is second to none. His highly acclaimed completed masterpieces have made him one of the most sought after manufacturers by discerning clientele seeking only the finest in ultra fine jewelry. Oscar Garcia is willing to design and manufacture the most lavish, extravagant, difficult, or plane, simple, traditional pieces of jewelry. whatever a client envisions. He is a man of many talents who never disappoints his clientele in their expectations. He is open for additional clientele at present and welcomes the opportunity to be of service to his new clientele. He is also open for new commercial clientele accounts. Old Mine Jewelry not only offers its services and jewelry at competitive prices which are always much lower than the competition but it also supports its commercial customers with world-class professional service. Old Mine Jewelry is the sole developer and proprietor of its state-of-the-art technology, and does not outsource or offshore any of its operations. This enables it to provide better support and ensures the most advanced and competitively-priced jewelry and services available today. The sophisticated creations of Old Mine Jewelry, together with personalized service and support, have made it a business recognized for its excellence in innovative efforts, outstanding success, and exceptionally fast growth. By providing innovative and competitively-priced jewelry, and delivering the highest quality clientele service, and always appreciating and listening to its clientele, Old Mine Jewelry has become the standard of choice among jewelers in San Antonio, Texas.

Custom jewelry Manufacturing is our Specialty
With the process of lost wax casting, customed design jewelry can made at Old Mine Jewelry with the customer's old gold-platinum, etc. Our unique service saves you money and rewards you with a one-of-a kind custom piece of fine jewelry.
The Second Stage, which is called, Investing, requires a setting time of 24 hours. Beginning the process, a burn out of 5 hours is required. (1st hour at 300 degrees; 2nd hour at 700 degrees; 3rd & 4th hours at 1300 degrees; 5th hour at 1000 degrees. Then themolten gold or other metal is poured into the vestment.
Clean-up and Finish
Out of tumbler, then to bench for clean-up and pre-polish. Next step will be setting the stones and final finish.
After the 5 hour burn out process, it is removed from the vestment and now will go to tumbler.
Final Completed Custom Manufactured Ring

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