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Old Mine Jewelry

4438 Culebra RD

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San Antonio, TX 78228

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We are conveniently located between two major expressways in mid-San Antonio, TX

Old Mine Jewelry is a full-service jewelry store. Although our primary specialty is the manufacture of custom-made fine jewelry, we also repair and restore items of jewelry that require special attention and talent that goes beyond that of the average skill of the typical jeweler or bench man. If you have been having or have had difficulty in finding a competent jeweler you can really trust, look no further than us. With over 40 years of hands-on experience of actually doing first-hand the things that make a jeweler unique and exceptional, and not just another one of many, we stand out from the rest by being able to actually do what you need to have done. We don't farm out what you need to have done to some person who maybe can, or, maybe can't do the job the way it should be done. In this way you know and can talk to the actual person who does the job, and not some person who really doesn't know or understand enough to even be discussing the matter with you. The actual proof of anybody's skill comes out in the end by not only the manner and way in which the endeavor was handled, but whether it resulted in success or failure. We at Old Mine Jewelry believe in the motto, Success speaks for itself, only a failure requires an explanation! Here at Old Mine Jewelry, we let our successes speak for themselves, we leave the other jewelers out there to explain away their failures! There are no failures at Old Mine Jewelry and we will not tolerate any! We give you a very warm and cordial invitation to join the many happy and satisfied clients and customers we now have by taking the first step to establish contact with us at your convenience. This web page has been designed with the purpose of making it easy for you to contact us. We are anxiously awaiting hearing from you to give us an opportunity to serve you in whatever jewelry needs you may have.

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